Sunday, February 15, 2009


Jocelyn looked up this great layout for my blog. I really like it. What attracted me to it was the distressed looked - seems fitting. Also like the asian twist. I loved the sakura blossoms in the artwork in Japan. We had a Japanese student once who taught us the song about sakura (cherry blossom) but I can't remember it anymore!


Jared said...

I like it. Very readable, but not boring.

Grammyzanne said...

I second Jared's comments. I like the Asian theme.

Austin's Mommy said...

It's beautiful. I opened your blog and the first thing I thought before even reading your post was, "Wow, nice graphics." Also, Mike and I went to the Grand Canyon once. I sat on a little wall on the south rim eating an ice cream cone. I almost got jumped by a couple of squirrels trying to steal it from me. Those animals are SO domesticated. They are not even a little bit afraid of humans.