Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Crop is for the Birds!

Our apple tree has two crops each year, a crop ripe in July and then crabapples in December. However, this year, we have had an unseasonably mild summer with just a few heat waves in the 100s. Our apple tree started reblossoming in July before all the other apples were picked (or fell to the ground). The crabapples usually stay small, but this year they are bigger and are already ripe and have started to fall to the ground. We certainly are not going to pick and can these apples so we freely dedicate this crop to the birds - as if we have to give them permission!

Well, I tried three times to upload a little video I took of a house finch chowing down on an apple up in our tree, but with no success. So imagine you saw this video and it made a nice little blog entry. Ha!