Friday, September 26, 2008

The Sound of Music

Last night, Brent introduced me to his imeem playlist. I enjoyed listening to the music he enjoys but wanted to set up my own playlist with music I especially enjoy. So, this morning, after Chelsea left for Seminary, Brent helped me with my own playlist set up. He got me going searching and saving different songs to my playlist . He really wanted me to put on some of his favorite songs as well. So, after he and Dad left for work, it was my turn to search and set up songs I like. It was so much fun! Just the songs I like!!! I have about 40 minutes of songs and I just sat down for the first time in YEARS and just listened to music--music I like!!!! I felt like a new me just discovering the joy of music. Wow, technology is so great to allow us to do this! I must go finish preparing my RS lesson for Sunday and today is the day to finish up my scrapbooking mess (find some place to store it all in an organized fashion - yes, in labeled photo boxes as well as giving up and storing American Technology packing boxes). But if I hurry and get everything done, maybe I can add more to my playlist. Ready, set, go!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thinking outside the box

Well, it is good to see so many of our belongings that we are going to keep, out of the boxes they were stored in for the last year. And it is very good to see so many of our belongings repacked into other boxes and delivered to the Deseret Industries truck to bless the lives of others (??). And it is great to see junk thrown into trashcans!! But how painful it was for me to throw out Primary files!!! I told Mike that it was the only thing really organized in my life since we've been married and now I'm throwing out my only piece of organization. Guess I'll just have to replace that project with a new piece of organization (ok, like my scrapbooking supplies - no wonder Tamara wants to go digital). My scrapbooking supplies are in boxes stacked in towers by my side of the bed, spilling over onto Mike's side and filling up all the shelves in our closet). So, I went to Michael's and bought 12 photo (crafting) boxes to organize some of the supplies (I almost called it "stuff'). I found the boxes in the back of the store and was very disappointed with their selection - but I wanted them on sale so I bought them anyway. They now have poles on the ends of their Michaels shopping carts so you can't take them out of the store. So, a nice clerk was helping me with my large bags of photo boxes, when I turned around and there by the door were lots of cute photo boxes! So, she encouraged me to exchange the ones I had and even helped me take them out, choose cute ones and rebag (after carefully counting again to 12) all of them! So, here I am - back to boxes!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shuffle, Shuffle

A good friend from church wants to encourage Chelsea in her leadership development and has blessed all of us with great talks on CD or DVD! While still in the apartment during summer, Chelsea and I were home alone after church and decided to listen to one of the talks. She put it on Dad's computer and we got comfortable and began listening. Of course, on a Sunday afternoon, I became a little too comfortable and after listening to most of the talk, I dozed off. Chelsea and I later were talking about what a good talk it was and she went to get it out of the computer. While there, she found out that we had listened to the whole talk in shuffle mode!!! And it was still a great talk!

A neighborhood walk

Instead of rushing off to work this morning, I thought I would take a little time to cool down after my two mile walk. It feels sooooo good to get back into the habit of early morning walks. I can feel the stress and tension drain away as I hurry along. I enjoy studying how neighbors have or have not landscaped their front yards and I get some ideas on how to fix ours up. I enjoy the fresh air and this morning, a very nice cool breeze - the first of fall! Hurrah! I feel so good after two and a half weeks of walking that I feel like I could extend my walk and even go walking again in the evening (which never seems to happen). I'll keep it at two miles this week and then I'll challenge myself next week. Ahhh, maybe fall is really around the corner.