Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who else?

Last Saturday I got up while it was still dark to go get my shopping done before it got hot. I spent an hour at wal-mart and chatted with the clerk as I checked out. Then off to VONS to pick up groceries so I could make a salad and dessert for Smith get-to-gether on Sunday at Mother's. I chatted with the clerk there as well. A couple of hours later, after all the groceries were put away and I sat down for a second, I looked down at my shirt. And what did I find? My shirt was inside out! No one at home mentioned it, no one at the store, no one! I couldn't believe it - but I really could!

I do have a problem wearing clothes properly! As a teenager, a certain sister noticed on our walk home from the bus that through my white blouse she could see I had put my slip on backwards after PE. And one Sunday during Sacrament Meeting, when Chelsea was still a baby, I opened my eyes during the prayer -checking on 5 kids, and discovered a metallic thread down the middle seam of my dress. I thought (after the prayer, of course)that that was odd. I didn't have any dresses with a seam down the front and what was metallic? Then I realized, I had put my dress on backwards! Thankfully the dress had a jacket!!!

Hopefully I'll remember these experiences and improve in proper dressing now that I'm middle aged!