Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now and Then...

Our new kitchen is coming along beautifully! So I thought I would add a before picture (actually it is right after the flood and things are pulled out, cupboards hanging open - not a normal neat and tidy kitchen like I ALWAYS have) and a now picture (realizing it still isn't done). The new Kitchen Aid appliances are great! The refrigerator has a digital reading for temps for both fridge and freezer. We're waiting for the plumber to connect the water line to the fridge as well as to install the dishwasher. The house is coming along. Our expected return date is Aug 6 -moved back one day. The final inspection will be on Tues Aug 5. It is expected to take as many days to have our belongings brought back in to the house and put away as it did to take them out. But we only have 3 days for them (not the 5 they took). I have had some friends and mother volunteer to help put things away or whatever is needed, so maybe we can speed it up as well as leave some boxes to go through later.

And now, would you like to see pictures of the front of the house with it's new makeover? A new garage door, trim around the old family room (now master bedroom) window, new entry way and new front window (chimney is gone!)?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Setting an example

Thanks to the help of my loving and talented daughter, Jocelyn, I have started blogging. Since I want all my children to share about their lives, I thought I better join in, too.