Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 50th!

This evening, Chelsea and I attended our elementary school's 50th anniversary celebration! It was fun to hear about the different decades and see some of the principals and teachers. Brent and Chelsea's first grade teacher started teaching there in 1969 when it first opened. One teacher said that the oak trees provided a thick canopy over the road leading across the "river" and hiding the school that was nestled by the mountain(before homes and mobile home parks were built) . One of the first PTA presidents shared that for an important meeting, she asked that each room mother (2 per classroom) bring 2 dozen cupcakes for the event. But what was heard and carried out by the room mothers was to have each child's mother bring 2 dozen cupcakes! They ended up with between 9,000-10,000 cupcakes! They were everywhere, in every crook and cranny and classroom. She collected them up at the end of the night and took them to a nearby little grocery store. The grocers graciously put them in their freezer and every day for about two weeks, this PTA president would bring from the freezer many dozen cupcakes for the children. Finally she told the grocer to give the rest away! We had children there from January1985 to June 2003. What a lot of memories are there for our family. Happy Birthday, Rios Elementary!