Saturday, June 13, 2009

Use a Cement Mixer

Several of us really enjoyed the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake on the cruise. So I googled the recipe and found several "Official" recipes. Here's a good one:

Recipe from Carnival Cruiseship Legend (August 2007)

Melting Chocolate Cake
Portions: 1000
70 lb semisweet chocolate
70 lb butter
700 eggs
18 lb sugar
25 lb flour

Melt chocolate and butter. Mix half egg and sugar, add flour, add remainder egg. Mix egg mixture with chocolate mixture. Pour into ramekins. Bake 15-20 min at 200 Celcius. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Someone reviewed this recipe and suggested using a cement mixer to mix the ingredients! Can you imagine cracking 700 eggs! I'll post on the recipe blog the version for serving 10 after I try out a few of the "official recipes."


What fun we had on our cruise to Avalon, Catalina Island and to Ensenada, Mexico this week! We actually got tired of eating! We ate each night in the dining room with elegant appetizers (one favorite was strawberry bisque), entrees (lobster and prime rib...) and desserts (mmm, chocolate melting cake). (Mother's and Eileen's picture didn't turn out because of backlight from sunny window!) And a few of us made it up late one night for the Mexican buffet.

Some of us enjoyed workouts in the gym or running/jogging around the track (burn up a few of the 1000s of kcals consumed). While I was on the treadmill at the bow of the ship, I was treated to the leaping and swimming of many dolphins.

We enjoyed a "high tea" onboard with finger sandwiches and yummy little desserts and herbal tea.

Some of us were more adept at towel folding (like Chelsea), but we had fun making a dog, an elephant and a bunny.

We watched a crew member carve an ice carving. He was fast! I guess you have to work fast when you are on deck and not in a walk in refrigerator!

And of course we had lots of fun visiting and playing games (5 crowns). Oh yes, and doing some napping too!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today is our anniversary. Aren't these beautiful flowers! Mike brought them home for me last week and they are still fresh and fragrant. The stargazers have opened and are huge and beautiful. The carnations smell so good! The flowers have brightened up our home!

We both took the day off from work and started out with a leisurely breakfast at Mimi's. Then it turned quickly into a work day of shopping and cleaning and getting ready for Chelsea's graduation on Friday. By 9 pm we had finished our list of "have to do" and felt it was just too late to go out for dinner. So we settled for a hot fudge sundae at a local restaurant and reminisced about other anniversaries. Like the one right before Andrea was born and they almost refused to serve us at Black Angus-they were afraid I'd go into labor in the restaurant! And the anniversary we splurged for a trip to Catalina Island and I took dramamine to prevent sea sickness. I slept all the way over, and slept at every bench we sat down on, and during the tours (I can remember the glass bottom boat however), and then took another tablet to go back to Long Beach. I slept the entire day! Then there was the anniversary we celebrated during the middle of the High School choir and band concert. We heard Tamara's choir and then snuck out for dinner and returned after the band performance in time to hear the last choir numbers. We've also enjoyed anniversaries in San Diego, La Jolla and Hawaii. Mike works hard to make each anniversary special for us, no matter the agenda and each anniversary sings to me our favorite song, "Perhaps Love," recorded by Placido Domingo and John Denver.

I am fortunate to be married to my best friend and my sweetheart!