Saturday, October 9, 2010

Learning Curve

Mike came home from a buisness trip to LA and wanted something light to eat for dinner (having eaten out for two days). He suggested Cream of Wheat. Since only the two of us were home for dinner, he asked if the 4 portion serving was good to make (yes, because it was dinner). So, he measured the water and put it on the burner. While it was heating up, we took care of getting the trash out to the street. When we came back, the water was boiling. I double checked with him that he had done the recipe for four. So I measured the cereal and poured it in as I stirred. It got very thick, very quickly. Then I realized what I had done. I am so used to doubling everything for the family, that by habit, I doubled the amount of cereal for the serving of 4! So Mike whipped while I poured in more hot water! It may take time to remember to cut back on the amount of food to fix for two! Maybe I'll have to call the kids and ask them how much to fix - they are used to cooking for 1 or 2!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Look! Our own little Pups!

Yep, our own little pups! Earlier this summer, we replanted the sego palm Mother gave us several years ago. We took it out of the large plastic pot to replant inside a plastic trash can (with the bottom poked out to allow drainage). We popped off the trunk about 5-8 of the pups. They didn't have any fronds on them but I decided to plant them and see if they grew. Well, 3 of them did! So are we going to end up propagating lots of segos like Daddy??? Mother told us there are plenty more pups up at her house!

Oh, yesterday before our thunder and rainstorm, the large yellow epis blossomed - 3 blooms at once. They were beautiful in the morning and dead by the afternoon. So sad they are shortlived.