Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby, It's cold outside

I just read Mary's blog about it being cold, very cold. And I think how glad I am that we have such mild weather here! And here is a first! Driving home from celebrating Chinese New Year at a local restaurant (thanks Mother!), Mike was shivering and turned up the heater. I was talking with Jack and Tamara on the cell when all of a sudden I was burning up! Mike had the heater on full blast. I don't think I've ever before asked him to turn down the car heater! I'm the one who's always waiting til he's not looking while he's driving to turn it up higher. And the low's are in the 40s. Mild winters! Hurrah.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Creative solutions

We live in a family where everyone has a great idea for creative solutions to problems. So, this evening, I've been sitting in my favorite (new since the flood) Lazy Boy recliner with my feet up and my laptop (computer) on my laptop catching up on blog reading (I am way behind since Thanksgiving). The laptop was getting my lap hotter and hotter and hotter (which is not unusual). So, Mike, sitting in his matching (but larger) lazy boy next to me, came up with a great creative solution to my hot lap. He reached over and grabbed the empty arhu (Chinese instrument I bought on our China trip - never played) box and placed it across the two arms of the lazy boy. Voila! The laptop is well supported up high and my lap is staying cool. Only a new dilemma - the cat won't jump up on the chair arms with the box there - she actually jumped up on Mike's chair and he's low on her pecking order. Oh well: cool lap or cool cat!