Friday, October 1, 2010

Look! Our own little Pups!

Yep, our own little pups! Earlier this summer, we replanted the sego palm Mother gave us several years ago. We took it out of the large plastic pot to replant inside a plastic trash can (with the bottom poked out to allow drainage). We popped off the trunk about 5-8 of the pups. They didn't have any fronds on them but I decided to plant them and see if they grew. Well, 3 of them did! So are we going to end up propagating lots of segos like Daddy??? Mother told us there are plenty more pups up at her house!

Oh, yesterday before our thunder and rainstorm, the large yellow epis blossomed - 3 blooms at once. They were beautiful in the morning and dead by the afternoon. So sad they are shortlived.


Unknown said...

For a second I was worried that you meant puppies! What fun in the garden. Tamara and I are getting ready to plant some seeds and hope that the flowers don't get too frosted in January.

Grammyzanne said...

Our sego had pups this year - I thought it was just a survival response after our exceptionally cold winter froze many of the fronds. Maybe it was just old enough.

Your epis really are (were) pretty.

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

Wow! you're picture of the 3 epis looks great! It's like you photoshopped them in to the picture. Our Sego from Grandma is doing well. It's still in the pot waiting for transplant. I think well do the garbage can method too.