Monday, September 22, 2008

Thinking outside the box

Well, it is good to see so many of our belongings that we are going to keep, out of the boxes they were stored in for the last year. And it is very good to see so many of our belongings repacked into other boxes and delivered to the Deseret Industries truck to bless the lives of others (??). And it is great to see junk thrown into trashcans!! But how painful it was for me to throw out Primary files!!! I told Mike that it was the only thing really organized in my life since we've been married and now I'm throwing out my only piece of organization. Guess I'll just have to replace that project with a new piece of organization (ok, like my scrapbooking supplies - no wonder Tamara wants to go digital). My scrapbooking supplies are in boxes stacked in towers by my side of the bed, spilling over onto Mike's side and filling up all the shelves in our closet). So, I went to Michael's and bought 12 photo (crafting) boxes to organize some of the supplies (I almost called it "stuff'). I found the boxes in the back of the store and was very disappointed with their selection - but I wanted them on sale so I bought them anyway. They now have poles on the ends of their Michaels shopping carts so you can't take them out of the store. So, a nice clerk was helping me with my large bags of photo boxes, when I turned around and there by the door were lots of cute photo boxes! So, she encouraged me to exchange the ones I had and even helped me take them out, choose cute ones and rebag (after carefully counting again to 12) all of them! So, here I am - back to boxes!


grammyzanne said...

Life has lots of circles.

I like the idea of using photo boxes to store scrapbooking supplies. I've got seven or eight. (I was going to reorginize our family albums so took out all the pictures and had a box for each person - that's as far as I got. For awhile I've wished they were back to chronological.) I'll condense the pictures and that will free up several which I can then use instead of the grapefruit cup boxes I've started to use. Thaks for the good idea. Have fun with your organizational efforts. I'm excited I almost have my table in my workroom cleared so I can use it as intended!

Tamara Robertson said...

It is hard to throw stuff away, but there's no time like when you're moving in to get rid of what there's no room for. : )