Friday, September 26, 2008

The Sound of Music

Last night, Brent introduced me to his imeem playlist. I enjoyed listening to the music he enjoys but wanted to set up my own playlist with music I especially enjoy. So, this morning, after Chelsea left for Seminary, Brent helped me with my own playlist set up. He got me going searching and saving different songs to my playlist . He really wanted me to put on some of his favorite songs as well. So, after he and Dad left for work, it was my turn to search and set up songs I like. It was so much fun! Just the songs I like!!! I have about 40 minutes of songs and I just sat down for the first time in YEARS and just listened to music--music I like!!!! I felt like a new me just discovering the joy of music. Wow, technology is so great to allow us to do this! I must go finish preparing my RS lesson for Sunday and today is the day to finish up my scrapbooking mess (find some place to store it all in an organized fashion - yes, in labeled photo boxes as well as giving up and storing American Technology packing boxes). But if I hurry and get everything done, maybe I can add more to my playlist. Ready, set, go!

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grammyzanne said...

Having your own playlist is heaven. Have fun growing your list.
Good luck with the scrapbooking supplies organization - there gets to be so much. I am enjoying creating pages of our children and grandchildren. A fun, creative escape.