Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Orlando, Florida Temple

On Sunday, October 12, we headed on out to church for 1 PM Sacrament Meeting. I had printed up the address at home and a map with directions. It wasn't very far away, however, when we tried to find the address all we found was a shopping center. Looking more closely at my printout I realized that this address was for a YA ward! But, also was listed another ward further down the road (miles). So hurrying down the road not to be late, we looked up to see the white temple looming ahead! We were surprised. We had forgotten there was a temple in Orlando. The church was across the street so afterwards we went over to enjoy the Orlando temple grounds. It was a very warm, humid day and hundreds of little lizards were scurrying all around. I should have taken a video of Brent trying to quietly sneak up on one and catch it - they were way too fast. I have never seen so many lizards! The temple grounds are beautiful and peaceful.

I took dozens of pictures. Wish I could format them better on this blog. And fortunately, I won't put all the pictures here! It makes me want to start a new family temple book - remember the one we made when Tamara and Jocelyn were little? We kept adding pictures of our family at temples we visited. Unfortunately it was in a magnetic album, so it is time to start over!


Janet said...

Just a little side note-my MTC companion was from Orlando and her father was instrumental in the building process of the Orlando Temple. So...when are you traveling to San Antonio?

Jocelyn said...

Ha! I don't think you'd quite blend in at the young single adult ward. ;)

I love the idea of a temple book. Can't wait to see it.

I'm frustrated with the picture formatting with blogger, too. I want to ask my friends who use different blog hosts if they have more freedom and control with their pictures. I'll let you know what I find out.

grammyzanne said...

Yes you do need to add a picture of you at the San Antonio Temple to your new book. SA is a great place to spend Thanksgiving.

Joanne said...

Would love to make a winter or spring trip to SA to see the temple, bluebells in bloom as well as family! I thought I saw the SA temple flying into SA - is that possible?