Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jerome - An Old Mining Town

We took a walk-about tour today in the old mining town of Jerome nestled in the top of the Black Mountains not far from Sedona. They mined copper, silver and gold. It is no longer a mining town. It was taken over by hippies who are now the realtors! There are acres of slag down in Clarkdale near the old smelter. Someone took a core sample and found that you can still get 1/4 oz of gold from a ton of slag making that slag pile worth alot!

The pink house is for sale for $165,000 but has to be restored to the way it was - the foundation is cracked and the house looks like it might slide down the hill like the town jail did!

We ate lunch at the Grand Hotel at the top of the town. The hotel used to be a hospital and the restaurant is called The Assylum as the room used to be the hospital assylum. It had a great view looking over the town of Jerome and the valley out to the Mogollon Rim. This restaurant is famous for it's butternut soup, so of course we had to try it. It had a lot of cinnamon and some jalapeno in it - very different but delicious. Doesn't it look fancy!


Tamara Robertson said...

That soup does look fancy and it sounds very good.

Marybeth said...

Joanne, so this is your blogging that Jocelyn was talking about the night we went to the temple with her. It looks like you had a great trip. Thanks again for dinner that night. It sure was nice to see everyone. M:)