Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fond of Fondue

For one of our anniversaries years ago, Mike arranged a weekend getaway in La Jolla. We stayed at the Grand Colonial hotel with an ocean view and ocean breezes! And, we enjoyed a fantastic fondue dinner at a nearby restaurant! It was so fun. We took Mother, Daddy, and Eileen there another time and we swore next time we would bring a rubber spatula to clean out the chocolate fondue pot!

So, my sweetheart made reservations for us at the same restaurant for Valentine's Day this year. And it was great! We had a Caesar salad followed by yummy cheese fondue (non alcoholic which took some talking the waitress into doing) and various meats and vegetables finishing with once again, our favorite dark chocolate fondue. It was chilly in the evening but it was fun walking past the stores along the main street. When we got to the parking lot, I discovered a walkway that had a beautiful view of the sunset over the ocean with lots of palm trees. Soooooo romantic!
(This isn't such a great picture - it was taken at dusk using a cell phone, but it is a reminder of a beautiful Pacific sunset on Valentine's Day!)

So even though I am very fond of fondue, I am even more fond of my sweetheart. Thanks, Mike for a great Valentine's Day!


Tamara Robertson said...

How sweet. You must have married a good guy. : )

Michael said...

Thanks for a great evening.