Monday, February 2, 2009

Red Rocks in Sedona

Mike and I are here in Sedona on vacation! Today we went out to Palatki Ruin. We drove on a dirt road for 7 miles (bump, bump, bump) to get there. It was a short hike up the hillside to the ruins on the cliff. Wow! We were able to go in the rooms and get a good view of what it was like. You'd have to be pretty short (shorter than me) to stand up in any of the rooms. We could see where the poles had come out of the walls for the second floor. Small rooms and short. We also saw a lot of petroglyphs nearby. That was great! And we drove by lots of brilliant colored rock buttes and formations. I'll include a couple of pictures here. By the way, the weather is great. A little chilly in the am and pm but great hiking weather during the day.


Tamara Robertson said...

When Brent was out last February, we went to an outdoor museum and saw petroglyphs. Pretty cool.

Jack Turner said...

That's so much fun. I wish we weren't so busy with school so we could come spend a day with you.