Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Robertson, Party of Four"

Our Halloween celebration was very different than usual! No one came over (because we were sick) and no one went trick or treating (we're just too old) and no one carved a pumpkin (dad would have if I could have found a pumpkin)! But I really wanted us to have the fun of Halloween so I tried to make it a party. I couldn't find any pumpkins to carve on Halloween day (the only day I had time and any energy from being sick to look for a pumpkin) but ended up buying a "Cinderella" pumpkin to use as fall decoration and then the fake plug in and light up Wal-mart pumpkin (which I put outside - soooo nice to have electrical outlets outside). I bought doughnuts, favorite snack foods and some Halloween candy (not much good stuff left) and put some fall mums on the table. Brent set up the fog machine outside the front door. Chelsea dressed up in her Halloween costume she wore to school (and to the Renaissance fair the next day - borrowed from Lyn) and she and Brent answered the door for the trick-or-treaters. Between door knocks, we all played Mancala (two boards). It's great to play this game with mom and dad when they are too sick to think! So, even though it was just a party of four, we celebrated Halloween!


grammyzanne said...

Sorry you guys are sick. Hope the bug leaves your house soon.

Your Halloween may have been different but it certianly will be memorable.

Jared said...

Except for filling ill, it sounds like a great way to spend Halloween.

Jared said...

That obviously should have been feeling ill, not filling ill. --> Bedtime