Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here is my dilemma. Jocelyn set up my blog listing the 5 siblings under the heading of "My Little Ducklings" in reference to the finger play and the great Mother's day card the siblings put together last May! But, where do I put Jack? I don't want him to feel like he's a "little duckling" but I don't like separating him out into "Family blogs." Whadjagonnadue? I'm taking suggestions. By the way, I think this is great - this is the biggest dilemma going on in my life right now!


Marydalene said...

Maybe "Ducklings-in-law"? You'd have to create a new section, but that might be an option. :)

Jocelyn said...

I like Marydalene's suggestion. Random duck fact: a male duck is called a drake.

Jack Turner said...

Cool! I'm a drake! That also could mean I'm a dragon.
If you have "ducklings-in-law" then I'll be all alone until the next marriage.
Putting me in the family category made sense to me.
The fortunate thing is that I won't be offended wherever you put my link.
On my blog, there is no categorization. On Tamara's, there are lots of categories. I thought yours was a happy medium.

Andrea said...

We don't want Jack all by himself... I think he can be a little duckling with us.

Austin's Mommy said...

I think you should create a section called "drakes". That's pretty fun.