Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Nifty Little Trick – Maybe!

IMG_2622 This evening I discovered our first spring epi (epiphyllum) blossom in a pot tucked under our lemon tree. Since the blossoms don’t last long whether on the thorny plant or in a vase, I decided to cut the bloom to enjoy inside. By tomorrow night it will be limp and the beauty will be gone.  So, carefully I reached under the tree and across the big pot (the blossom of course was on the farthest side, difficult to reach) to cut the blossom off. But, not careful enough, with my other hand trying to pull away the lemon branch, my thumb brushed along the epi plant producing a thorn now stuck in my thumb.  The thorns are really a little spine that is clear and small and impossible to see –but definitely a bit painful. So, after placing the prized bloom in water, I went to relieve my pain. 

There are two methods that I know of to remove this tiny thorn. 1. Use a roll of tape. 2. Spread a small amount of white glue across the area and after it dries, peel the thorn off with the dried glue.  Well, I didn’t have any white glue (after Brent’s escapade years ago using liquid glue to make mousetraps all over the family room, I switched to glue sticks), so I tried two kinds of tape (scotch and packing) and neither worked. IMG_2621 So, I searched through Chelsea’s desk drawer and found a bottle of white glue!!! But, as one might anticipate,  the glue was no longer runny but was rubbery. After all, the price sticker states I bought it from Thrifty’s which has been closed for many years!  I managed to wipe a damp spot of glue on my thumb and tried to wait until the glob dried. It was obnoxious and I pulled it off too soon with no thorn removed! Brent helped me try the glue one more time. So I’m trying to be patient in letting the glue glob really dry this time. Then hopefully rip and remove to a pain free thumb.  IMG_2619


Grammyzanne said...

Hope it worked for you. The epi bloom is pretty - worth the picking and pricking.

Afraid I lost all my epis this winter. They didn't survive our very cold winter. (All right Utahns - you can stop your guffaws. It wasn't as cold as your winter but it was one of the coldest San Antonio has experienced. And too cold for the epis.)

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

How's your thumb now?

Joanne said...

Well, I left the glue glob on for hours and it never thoroughly dried or took out the thorn. But the next day it removed itself and I'm no worse for the wear. Ha! And today, a different epi should bloom and I'm ready to go clip!

Jack Turner said...

I'm glad it came out soon. I forget where I learned this trick, but when I have a tiny splinter or thorn that I can't get out, I just use my face razor to shave it. It may still be in the skin, but I can't feel it anymore because it's no longer catching on anything.