Monday, April 19, 2010

They got me!

Tonight Mike told Brent, "Mom won't eat these leftovers tonight when she gets home." Brent said, "Well, there's nothing else, what will she eat?" Mike said, "the leftover chocolate cake!" I came home after they were done with their dinner and were studying for their test at school tonight. I opened the fridge and stared and decided I didn't want leftover crockpot scalloped potatoes with ham (it wasn't very good). Then I looked over at the counter and decided a slice of chocolate cake with a spoonful of peanut butter and a glass of milk would make a good dinner. They got me! MMMMmmmm good (ok not so healthy but very good).


Jocelyn said...

Isn't it good to be known. There's a certain comfort that comes from having people around you know your tastes and preferences.

Grammyzanne said...

We had a potato, ham, onion, mushroom and red pepper casserole for dinner tonight. It was acceptable but chocolate cake with peanut butter would have been a wonderful finish.

My guess is Mike and Brent could hardly concentrate while watching you fulfill their predictions.

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

Who could resist chocolate and peanut butter?