Sunday, August 2, 2009

Temporary Empty Nest - Getting us Prepared

I don't think it has hit me until today how quiet it is with just two of us home! Not as much dinner conversation, not as much food to prepare, no one to help take out the trash (ha, ha), not enough people to give Mina, our cat, all the feline attention she requires, no one to remind to pick up their rooms or move their laundry along.... But the positive side is the phone calls, emails, twitters, blog posts, etc. from these young adults showing us that life is going well, or struggles will be overcome. Mike shared Friday night with me some empty nest questions for thought he found online. I don't know that it made me feel better but good things to think about for the future when we are really empty nesters. Life will be great, just different. On to our next adventures!


Brent said...

Umm... Our cat's name is Mina and my cousin once removed's name is Nina.

Joanne said...

The editor (more correct, the author), regrets any confusion this may have caused. Both are cute and sweet! The blog has been corrected. Thank you for your critical reading skills!

Jocelyn said...

We'll be sure to fill up your nest to overflowing this Christmas. Looking forward to and the chirping.