Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost and Found Times Two

A few weeks ago, Mike found his wedding band missing. He always takes it off at night and leaves it on his nightstand and it wasn't there. He spent a lot of time searching for it and could not find it anywhere. Of course this was upsetting to him! A day or so later, he was closing his window and had to pick up the lamp on his nightstand to open the shutters. And lo and behold, there was his wedding band! During the night that it disappeared, he had opened the window and set the lamp on top of his wedding band - and made it disappear!

The next weekend I was washing my hands and found that my diamond was missing from my wedding ring! My turn to be upset!! We had just gotten home from Murietta, so what were the chances I could ever find it. I thought I could at least retrace my steps in the house and back to the car. And lo and behold! I found it on the kitchen floor! My ring is now being repaired with a replacement white gold prong.

Guess we are just meant to be together!


Grammyzanne said...

Glad you titled it Lost and Found Times Two - so I knew the outcome.
I've had some interesting findings - like a daffodil leaf grew up through a ring I'd lost in the yard and lifted the ring up for me to find.

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

I was surprised to read that the new prong will be white gold. How will that be?

Joanne said...

Dad had a hard time with that suggestion by the jeweler. The jeweler stated that new gold diamond wedding rings used the white gold for prongs because the gold just isn't strong enough. I think it will be fine because the white gold shows off the diamond more. I'll pick it up tomorrow and let you know.