Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Special Song in Tribute to Mother's Day

Today in Primary, as in all Primaries where Mother's Day is celebrated, we practiced songs to sing for our mothers and grandmothers next Sunday in Sacrament meeting. While the children were singing so sweetly, I remembered the song (?) that Mike would sing after just a few minutes in the car with 5 children on the way home from church after honoring mothers on Mother's Day: "Bicker, bicker, fight,fight,fight,fight; Happy Mother's Day! (He of course had lovely music he sang it to.) You know, I didn't know it then, but I look back at that as a happy memory and we've had a lot of laughs about in on subsequent Mother's days. How blessed to have 5 healthy, normal (of course, they were really all above normal - they're my children), opionated, outspoken, precocious children practicing social skills they would need throughout life!


Michael said...

I'm glad that it is a happy memory now. It is a blessing to have such wonderful children.

Grammyzanne said...

Some things do get better wth age - like those enormous burnt and partially cooked Mother's Day breakfasts. They were better cooked and less burnt every year - but they were still enormous - every child wanted to make a contribution.A big part of the fond memory is all of the children sitting on the bed watching me eat and wanting to observe if their offering was acceptable. It was - including the burnt offerings..