Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jersey Coast Lighthouses

I had a great idea for our family vacation - go to 7 lighthouses on the Jersey coast. Everyone loves to see and explore inside lighthouses! I read about lighthouses on the coast and scheduled a visit to each on a day they would be opened (not all are opened everyday or have restricted hours...). After all of that, we were only able to go inside one lighthouse and that on a very rainy day! I found the internet and even the AAA book weren't always correct on times/days open. But that's ok. I think we all had fun taking a peek (or at least several pictures) of the 6 lighthouses we went to. My favorite?? Hmm. Here are some pictures - which is your favorite?

Sea Girt

Cape May


Joanne said...

I viewed my blog - I need help getting the pictures lined up and how can you label the pictures so you know which is which lighthouse?
HELP I AM a Techno immigrant!!!

Jocelyn said...

That's one of my complaints about blogger. I don't feel like there is much control over the placement of pictures. I've found that I'm most successful when I have all the pictures with the same alignment (left, center, or right). You'll probably have to reload them to get them to cooperate. Bummer.

Joanne said...

A computer professional did this using HTML. Not easy for a amateur like me!

Michael said...

Glad you like the new format for the pictures. I am not a professional when it comes to html, but I can figure things out with a little searching. This uses a table following the text. The label and a picture are in each cell of the table.

Grammyzanne said...

Wonderful lighthouse pictures. My vote is for the Hereford lighthouse - both for the sturcure and the photography. (And of course the daffodils.) The photograph of the Cape May lighthouse is pretty impressive also.

Jocelyn said...

I need a lesson from Dad. Hmm, when can I plan my next visit home?

Austin's Mommy said...

It's a toss up between Cape May and Hereford. What a fun trip you had.