Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ahhh, Family

After a long and busy past few weeks of moving back into the house and preparing final touches for Tamara and Jack's wedding reception, I took a very long afternoon nap! Almost went into hibernation (well, it is a warm August day and the AC was so wonderful I could just sleep and sleep). After sharing vanilla ice cream covered with hot chocolate pudding with the family, we watched wedding pictures by Esther and the slide show from the reception that Carl made (somehow I missed seeing those during the reception!). Such a great event! And now, I just read Tamara's, Jack's and Jocelyn's blogs. I wanted to comment on their blogs, but only sappy things would come out about how wonderful they are and how happy I am for my children. And the feelings became more intense and almost teary. So I decided not to comment on their blogs and just leave a little note on my own blog how grateful I am for each of my 5 plus 1! What terrific kids (ok grown-ups!). Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories - I love it!


Me2 said...

It was fun to relive the wedding through Tamara, Jocelyn and Jack's blogs. Do wish Tamara's wedding pictures had come through.

I'm very sure your long nap was well earned.

Vanilla ice cream covered with hot chocolate pudding does sound good - almost as good as Jocelyn's chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. ;)

Andrea said...

I love you too!

Jocelyn said...

See mom, Andrea proves that sappy comments are appropriate on blog comments.

p.s. I love you, too!

Vicki said...

When you start a blog, you never know who will find you. I went from Amy's site to Tamara's hoping to see wedding pics, but haven't found them yet. Instead I found you!!! I wish we could have been in San Diego for the wedding - hope all went well. I LOVE your new kitchen. I'm hoping for a new one soon. I WILL call you one of these week-ends!