Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's a Hair Thing Part 2

A daily craft fair was set up at the Mariott by Kittitians selling their wares. We all dropped by to see their displays (same jewelry and souvenir items as they sold downtown but no clothing items as that would compete with the upscale stores upstairs). I lingered longer than the rest in our group and mentioned to one Kittitian how much I liked how she wore her hair tied in a scarf. It was a colorful piece of cloth (lavendar) wrapped around her head and then tied into a flower on the side. I mentioned that I had seen lots of Kittitians with beautiful tied scarves in their hair and wondered how they ever did it. Her friend at the table said, "Come! Come sit down, and we'll show you!" She pulled off her friend's scarf and started wrapping my head! Now my head is an odd shape - scarves don't like to stay on! I mentioned that to the Kittitian and she laughed, "Your head isn't odd, we'll get it on!" But it did take work. Another lady handed me a hand mirror so I could learn and watch! They did several styles on my hair and it was fun to chat and watch. But, it still looked much prettier on my Kittitian friend!

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Tamara Robertson Turner said...

That sounds like so much fun. Wish you had some pictures of the scarves. Neat.